IP addresses & Console apps


i'm trying to use CVS from the console to connect to a remote machine. It works just fine using MacCVSClient from MacOS9, but whenever i try the console cvs app under MacOSX i get: 'Unknown Host'

I'm using an IP address rather than a domain name (because it doesn't have a domain name!)

I can ping the remote machine. I can also use a OmniWeb to get to it's website.

I also run into similar problems with seti console app, when connecting to the machine to get it's units...

... is that something that i need to set?!

Any ides?!:confused:


mach-o mach-o man
you might try creating a resolv.conf file. I know that will not help with ip addresses, obviously they shouldn't be even looked up (unless its trying a reverse lookup or something).

Here is a copy of my /etc/resolv.conf

search cinci.rr.com

I'm pretty sure that nslookup requires this file in order to work. (But the host command doesn't - wierd net info thing, I think)

I know this wasn't exactly what you wanted, but maybe someone will fill in a few gaps.


Well, I can tell you it's not 'cvs'. This works fine for me.

> [hjmpbg3:~/Documents/sw] howardm% setenv CVSROOT :pserver:anonymous@204.152.18
[hjmpbg3:~/Documents/sw] howardm% cvs_socks login
(Logging in to anonymous@
CVS password:

I dont think /etc/resolv.conf has much to do w/ this problem.
I'd go back and doublecheck your TCP/IP Network setting or how your setting the IP