IP forwarding?


I dont know all the proper terminology, but I have an airport base station connected to my ethernet hub which is allocating IP addy to my two machines (so both can be on the net when Im only allowed one IP from my server). Questions is; How can I get the airport (functioning as a router) to forward requests to one machine or the other? In other words, I want to remotely log into my OSX machine, but am not allowed cause of the base station providing it with an IP invisible to the outside world.

Anyone get the gist of what Im asking?

Thanks in advance for any help.
The reason that you can't access the computer outside your airport network is because the Airport is blocking the traffic. If you want to allow access to a computer, you have to open the Airport Admin Utility. Connect to your base station, and click the network tab. Then click on Port Mapping. You have to tell the computer which public port goes to which private port, and the the computer that you want to allow access to. So you would put the IP of your X machine in there, and then the number of the port you are trying to access.
I understand, no problem. Well maybe one problem. What do I put for the public port and private port? Or Where do I find out what port numbers to put in?

Thank again!!!