IP Multihoming / DNS(named) ?


Has anyone worked out whether IP multihoming is supported in OS XB? Would it be a BSD-based feature that I'd have to set up from the command line?

And, has anyone tried to run DNS (the "named" daemon)? Is there a simple procedure for that? I'd like to at least attempt having Apache, DNS and some sort of pop/smtp service running simultaneously, but I obviously am going to need to multihome some IP addresses.

Any thoughts?
Yes, it is and yes.

Moreover you have to do it every reboot, so you probably want to put it in a script somewhere.

The command is "ifconfig en0 alias [ip] netmask [mask]"
If you want to remove it use "ifconfig en0 -alias [ip]"

I haven't tried named.
I'm currently running a server on a G4 Cube with Apache and named on Mac OS X. SMTP and POP are not part of the public beta. There is a commercial package from stalker software called CommuniGate Pro which can do those as well as IMAP4, but it is expensive. I'm running a trial version of it right now and it seems to work and is stable. If you get it, make sure to get the Darwin version (the Mac OS X version if for Mac OS X Server).

You should do some reading on setting up a DNS before trying it. The O'Reilly book DNS and BIND is probably the best. Also, you don't really need multiple IP addresses in general. I have Apache setup to handle mutliple domain by using name mapping rather than IP mapping. This lets me have only one public IP address.
Originally posted by bcaslis
SMTP and POP are not part of the public beta.

Actually, sendmail is included in the beta. I'm sure it could be configured to run as an SMTP server since it's still sendmail. I haven't tried it yet, but then I can't stand setting up sendmail to begin with... which is precisely why I shelled out the $99 for sendmail pro on my linux server where I do domain hosting for a few friends.