Ip Printing to Hp Laserjet 1012


Just got a Mac Mini running Tiger. Have a printing problem.
The Mac is wired to an Ethernet network that also has 3 Windows machines.
The printer, an HP LaserJet 1012, is connected to the network by a wired Linksys print server (PSUS).
I have the IP address for the print server, but I can’t find the right driver on the Mac for IP Printing.
Apple Tech Support told me that the HP LaserJet 1012 driver included in Tiger does not do IP printing, and suggested that I get a GIMP driver for the 1012.
HP Tech Support told me that a GIMP driver won’t work, and that I should try the HP IP printing driver on the Mac.
I have not tried either suggestion.
Will a GIMP driver work? Where can I get one?
Is HP Tech Support correct?
Thanks for your help.