IP printing


i have a HP colorlaserjet 2840 (network)printer connected (fixed ip adres, cable) to a router. Have a windows laptop and an ibook (macOsX tiger) connected wireless to the router. Can print fine from the windows laptop to the printer. Internet and email work fine on both the laptop and ibook.
Can anybody tell me how i can get the ibook to print (wireless) to the printer. I allready downloaded the driver from the HP site and try to add the printer through Ip printing. This appaers to have gone allright but when i try to print nothing happens, I don't see a printjob in the cue.
Please help! I'm not (yet) very experienced with Apple


... I'm not (yet) very experienced with Apple
If you are using IP-printing, then the fact that you are communicating wirelessly should have nothing to do with it. Some questions:
  • Did you use Printer Setup Utility to setup your printer?
  • If you did, then did you use Internet Printing Protocol - IPP, Line Printer Daemon - LPD, or HP Jet Direct - Socket?
  • Many HP printers support Bonjour. Did have you tried it?