Ipad + airprint + docs to go= arrrrgh


Ipad2 has docs to go and airprint - printing a word doc thru airprint, the doc comes out sized 4 x6 on a 8.5 x 11 paper

Your settings on the iPad needs an adjustment. In the print dialog box, check what size is listed and adjust it with the pull down menu.
don't have the ipad with me, but I only remember choosing one of 2 available printers, and # of copies - I don't see option for sizes
Yep, the print dialog box does not give the option of print size.

Have you checked the preferences in Word? Does your printer have options for wireless printing? Do you have accessibility turned on?
Thinking some more, what is your text size? You could have the text size set very small, but your document view set at 125% or higher. Try enlarging your print size.
Thanks for the help - the docs are created in "docs to go" on an ipad2- my printers are not wifi able, so i use handyprint interface which may also be adding to the problem