iPad audio (USB input for audio)



In the audio setup I'm finally completing (woot) I use an USB audio interface (http://www.behringer.com/EN/Products/UCA222.aspx) to send the signal between a MB and the mixer (that connects the monitors).

Recently I got an iPad to play with, in particularl for some audio toys I have yet to find (Ableton I think had something I wanted, tips on that also welcome btw) on the App Store. So it would be crucial to link the iPad to the monitors, anything less would be besides the point of having a good audio setup (after finding the internal speakers on the iPad, tho fine for skyping, leaves to be desired ...).

So what would be the best way to send audio to the mixer?

- Through the audio jack though loss in quality is a downer
- Streaming in some way over Wifi to the MB and let it be handled there (my personal preference as it's also wireless)
- Convertor from the Apple connector to USB or directly to Analog audio
- Does anyone have experience with a soundjack to analog audio (I know it exists, but the cables are so frail) and if there's (quite quickly if you actively use them) a lot of loss in the outer ranges.

Cheers for the help!