I'm new user of OS X and I don't know Unix a lot so I think someone of you can help me.

I there something like win command "ipconfig" in OSX?

Does OS X support Dynamic DNS?(client side)
Insertin it manually Dns works well but OSX dind't register automatically to it (win 2000 server)

On Linux the command is ifconfig , I don't know if it is the same for OS X, but I think so.
Thanks a lot, "ifconfig -a" gave me some of the information I need but where can I check if the DHCP server passed the right default gateway and the DNS server to OSX?

Thanks again
In system preferences> network> built in Ethernet>TCP/IP

I can see only TCP/IP address but not default gateway and Dns Server (I did't put them manually) there is a DHCP server that passes the addresses to the clients, what I need is something like "ipconfig /all" (windows NT or Windows 2000) :(

Thanks to all

To see the routing the system is using, use 'netstat -r', or to avoid name resolution, 'netstat -rn'.

DNS would be either 'cat /etc/resolv.conf' if it rewrites that, or more likely the entry in NetInfo, which can be seen with 'nidump resolv.conf .'
you can also get this infor via the Network Utility application found in Applications/Utilities folder..