iphone 3g error code 1015


I have an iphone 3g that was unlocked by my cell phone provider not a jailbreak Now when I try and restore the phone I get an error 1015 message that the phone can not be restored. The phone is connected to a a mac mini running 10.7.5

There are many people on the net that claim to know how to fix this probelm, but most are PC users can anyone help please.


Rihanna Robyn

Error 1015 is a very common error. So, how to fix it just follow the steps:

1. When you get the error message just click “ok”. And close itunes.

2. On your iphone you will see the image of USB cable connecting to itunes

Avoid error 3194:


  1. Click Start menu > Locate Notepad > Right click and select “Run as administrator”.
  2. Enter your administrator password.
  3. In notepad click “File” > Open > browse the folder c:\windows\system32\drivers\tc and select host file. if you don’t find your host file, select “all files” instead of file text “(*.txt)” )
  4. In the host file add “ gs.apple.com” at the end (id yu already have an online gs.apple.com delete it) at the bottom of the file > Save file > exit notepad.

Mac OS X :

  1. Launch terminal > input the command “sudo/Applications/TextEdit.app/Contents/MacOS/TextEdit/ etc/hosts” > enter you administrator password.
  2. The text application open the hosts file. In host add “ gs.apple.com” at the end of file > save > quit text edit.