Iphoto 5 Book Making

MEHC Designer

I am experienced graphic designer. I know a lot about computers and Adobe programs. I am used to working in illustrator, photoshop, and InDesign.

I was assigned to make book in iphoto. I don't particularly like it. I understand that it was made with the intention for the "typical" person to be able to design decent looking book. So perhaps my problems are arising b/c I am trying to do too much with a program that is pretty basic.

In addition, when you run into problems the "HELP" index offers very little, if any legitimate help at all.

Here are the specs of the book I am working with:
Medium (8x6) soft cover, 20 pages, Portfolio-style.

My current issue is this:

1. When I close iphoto after editing text, and then reopen, all the text I just typed in is GONE, and ALL the fonts and styles I chose are right back to the default.

2. There are exclamation points where there isn't even any text. I have deleted the text in the box, and still the exclamation points remain.

3. The "settings" palette seems to be useless. I select font, click OK, and NOTHING changes. When I reopen "settings" the font I chose is no longer there––like I never even changed anything.

Please try to answer all of these questions, but most importantly, tell me why there are exclamation points in text boxes with NO text. (I've already tried changing point size and face...all it does is make box outline disappear, but ex. point remains).?

To help you with your answer, I know very much about typography, typesetting, resolution...basically please talk to me as graphic designer or Mac specialist, and assume I have already tried the obvious.

Thanks so much.

J. Cendroski