iphoto can't find anything


I have a 12" Powerbook G4, running iphoto 2 on OSX 10.2.8. Everything was fine, then, after I open iphoto, it's empty. No albums, no photos, nothing. It's like a clean installation. I've checked the iphoto folder and everthing's still there, all albums and photos. I try to import using the import function, it seems to import, but then lists all the filenames and says it doesn't recognize the format. Everything's in jpeg's and had worked previously. Help!
I had this same thing occur- and actually a very nice person from this site authored a piece of freeware (contributions accepted) called PHOTOEXTRACTOR which put my photos back into IPhoto- the organizational hierarchy I established is gone i.e. no dates or albums but these can be recreated The program takes a bit of time to run but it worked very nicely