Iphoto Email


For some reason I cannot get the email feature in iPhoto 5 to work. It prepares the photos, but then does not open the Mail window as promised. I have Mail selected in preferences, and I have tried it with just one photo as well as multiples. And it does not matter whether Mail app is open or not. I am using 10.3.9.

I didn't know that I had the same problem so fiddling around I did the following :

thrashed the user/library/preferences/com.apple.iPhoto.plist : don't empty the trash !!! or if worried you can duplicate and/or back up the plist file before trashing it.

opened iPhoto it ask for a new set up and shows no more pics ! (not to worry though) and Closed iPhoto.

Moved the plist from trash back to user/library/preferences thus replacing the newly created pref

reopened iPhoto and now it works fine for me hope it will for you too :)

It's a weird solution I know but it does the job
I have exactly the same thing under 10.4.2 and iPhoto 5.0.4

The mail looks like it has been composed, but then nothing happens...

Strangly, if you then close Mail, and re-open it, the message from iPhoto is sent (i.e. It was there all along)....

Just one more thing to add to the list of Problems with iPhoto....

This is just sooooo un-Apple like. Talk about unstable.

Hope it gets sorted out, and fast.... I have bought iView Media now, as iPhoto was becoming a joke.
I have Mail 2.0.5 and iPhoto 5.0.1. I a. also unable to use the email feature. iPhoto processes the photo, but Mail does not open. I tried the preferences bit, but it didn't do it for me.