iphoto help please


I have gone to many sourced including Apple but still no real answer or help. I have created a slide show in iphoto with music. I want to burn a DVD to show EXACTLY what I have created including the music with the settings for individual slides remaining the same so someone could just insert the disk and click and watch the slide show. I have tried exporting to idvd and the quality of the images is attrocious not to mention all the setting were gone. I called Apple today and they read the help menu to me and that didn't work. It said to hight your slide show and go up to "share" and click burn disk. Well I did just that and the burn disk was greyed out. I can select and album but NOT a slide show as the help menu suggests.

If there is no way to do this fine, but please just lett me know and I will explore other options. I need to send disks out soon so your help will be greatly appreciated.
Have you tried exporting your slodeshow to quicktime as a movie then usin the movies to make a dvd.

Alternatively use Roxio toast to turn your QT Movies into a VCD