Iphoto Mail Preferences


iPhoto 5.0.4
Max OSX 10.3.9
Entourage v.x (10.1.1)

I'm using Entourage for mail etc. When I open iPhoto preferences and attempt to change the email app; America On-line, Eudora and Microsoft Entourage are all greyed out. Only Mail is selectable.

I've tried deleting the Mail App, this defaulted the mailing app to AOL and left all other options greyed out.

I've tried to change the permissions of the different apps to several different configurations but to no avail.

I've searched on-line but can't find an answer. I've tried to solve this problem for the past month. I really hope, no matter how silly I might look, that it's a simple solution?

Hope someone can help.


I have no possible solution(s) for you (currently) - about the 'iPhoto' 'Preferences' 'Mail' popup menu; however, I do have some (Apple specific application, file, folder deletion) advice.

Never just delete any application, file, of folder - from the '/Applications/' or '/Applications/Utilities/' folder, installed by Apple Computer.

To remove an application, file, or folder from the above folders - consider doing the following:

01. Select the application, file, or folder.
02. Make an archive of the selected item - 'right button (or, if a single button mouse - do a <control> key) click, and then select the 'Create an archive of "...."' menu item.
03. Once the archive is created, only then you can trash and delete the application, file, or folder.

You can now retrieve the original item from the archive (and then trash and delete the archive file), should you need to.

Remember, when installing an Apple System or Security Update, some applications and / or files in the '/Applications/' and / or '/Applications/Utilities/' folder may be removed, updated, or replaced. Not having an expected item in the folders may cause the update process to fail, etc.


Now, back to the 'iPhoto' ...

I do have 'Eudora' and 'Microsoft Entourage' installed. By archiving and then deleting the applications individually - each item listed in 'iPhoto's 'Preferences' 'Mail's popup menu would become dimmed.
Once each item was unarchived 'iPhoto' instantly enabled (undimmed) the respective menu item.

Thus, I was unable to place my Mac into a situation such as yours. Should I, I will post my (hopeful) solution(s).

Sincerely yours,
Thanks for the advice, I'l deleting the apps. as you suggested. I hope to get back to you with good news.


Entourage is set as default email in Mail.app preferences. But it's still greyed out in iPhoto. I have a suspicion that it could have something to do with permissions. But I haven’t been able to resolve the problem by changing the permissions as yet.