iPhoto problem, need expert help!



Here's the situation...

my iPhoto Library Folder was on my external harddrive and that was working fine. When I tried to load up iPhoto without my external plugged in, it would respond with 'iPhoto cannot locate your Library Folder, please blah blah blah'... and that was good.

My external harddrive was accidently unplugged (not properly ejected) while I was viewing the photos and here's my problem. First of all, all my 18000 photos in iPhoto were erased from the iPhoto "memory" (now I still have the .jpg files, they just need to be reimported into iPhoto). Also when the external was unplugged, many duplicate jpg images were made (it seems to have broken my good quality photos into many lower quality shots... but there's nothing I can do about that).

And my main problem is this...
Now when I load up iPhoto without my external plugged in... it opens. I have copied some images from my external and imported them into iPhoto. I have also uploaded a handful from my camera. I CANNOT LOCATE THOSE FILES ONCE THEY ARE IMPORTED. I have done everything I can think of to find these files so such responses as "You should try searching through Spotlight" would not be greatly appreciated.

Weeks ago when I moved my original iPhoto Library Folder to my external drive, I deleted the original iPhoto Library Folder which would usually be found under 'Pictures'.

So to restate, the images I import into iPhoto (either from a drive or a camera) are copied over to the internal harddrive but I cannot locate them.

I have been working on this for at least a week now and I need help.
Any and all comments and advice will be appreciated (except telling me to use Spotlight) as they may inspire some thoughts in me.

Thank you in advance,