Iphoto Same Prob As Other Guy But No Results



U can read below what happened to other guy and I have follwed all these suggestions, but with a few twists. I did all the trashing and no joy, then as I downloaded info, it appears now I have to BUY, ilife, which I do not want to do.

I did trash the iphoto and then transfered over my iphoto which is working fine from my other ibook. I think something is corrupted, but darned if I can find it. Oh my, what to do now?



Jun 29 2005, 9:12pm
i had a problem with iphoto closing down when ever i tried to open a certain photo. I trashed the photo but while doing quite a bit of work putting keywords to photo and building a iphoto book it still kept closing. so I shut down iphoto and thought i would give it a while to sort its self out. after not using it for a few days i have been trying to open it again but it just comes up with a message


I have now tried this several times but to no avail, once when i pressed try again it cam eup with a screen which looked like I had never used iphoto before and asked my preferences when connecting a camera for the first time.

the only thing i have done since it last worked is down load a software update 10.4.1 and itunes 4.9



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Response/FollowupJun 30 2005, 2:45am

My name is Cheryl and I will be assisting you.

Go to the Utilities folder and select Disk Utility. Click on the second icon at the top left, then click on Repair Permissions.

When done, quit Disk Utility.

Now go to Home>Library>Preferences. From the View Menu select by list. Now everything will be in alpha order. Find the com.apple.iPhoto.plist files and trash them.
Empty the trash
Now give iPhoto a try out.
Let me know if you need further assistance and thank you for using MacOSX.com !

Jun 30 2005, 8:49am
Hi Cheryl

I gave that a go but all that happened when i oened iphoto i got a welcome to iphoto screen. to which i clicked ok then instantly got the app unexpectedly quit again. when i re tried the frame work of the iphoto screen appears with the icon loading photos then aftera second or so the message appears again. Any further ideas?
By The Way i had approx 1400 photos saved and i friend said he had read it may be to many and pointed me to this link. i would rather just fix the problem as it should be . I would appreciate your thoughts.
Jun 30 2005, 12:34pm

Apple has advertised that up to 25,000 photos can be handled by iPhoto. However, the larger the library the more drain iPhoto will put on the CPU and memory. It can slow down the performance isf you don't have lots of memory and plenty of free space on your HD (at least 15% is recommended).

What I think you can use it iPhoto Library Manager.


Or iPhoto Buddy - which is free.

You may have a corrupt image in the library that is preventing the loading of the library.

I am assuming that this started to happen after the last image import.
Go to Home>Pictures>iPhoto Library.
Open 2005 folder then drag to the desktop the highest number folder. It could be 05 or 06.

Now give it a try.
Let me know if you need further assistance and thank you for using MacOSX.com !

Jun 30 2005, 10:38pm
Hi Cheryl
I have tried this and still no luck !

For your information I did have a corrupt photo which i was reverting to original when iphoto kept closing everytime i tried to open it i removed this photo to the trash but don't think i emptied the trash how can i do this?

i have put its original file on the desktop and i know i have the right one because the photo was from my wedding day.

Thanks Again
Jul 1 2005, 11:04am

Since the culprit is out of the library, you are at the half way mark.

iPhoto has a cache folder - actually more than one.

Go to Home>Library>Caches. You may have two iPhoto folders there. Open each one and trash all the files in there.

Now give iPhoto a try.
Let me know if you need further assistance and thank you for using MacOSX.com !

Jul 1 2005, 11:54am
HI Cheryl
sorry to be a pain but its still not working and now i am starting to panic.

Jul 1 2005, 12:06pm

Do not panic. I will stick with you until this gets solved.

Go to Home>Pictures>iPhoto Library. Trash the following:


Now open iPhoto

Let me know if you need further assistance and thank you for using MacOSX.com !

Jul 1 2005, 12:10pm

Do you have any enhancers installed for iPhoto like Keyword Assistant?

Are you using RAW photos?

Do you have the latest version of iPhoto with the latest update (to 5.0.2) ?

Let me know if you need further assistance and thank you for using MacOSX.com !

Jul 4 2005, 12:45pm
Hi Cheryl
Sorry for the delay but i thought i had replyed to your last two messages but it seems not ...anyway:
the last suggestion did not work re the Thumbs and in answer to your questions :
I have not added anything to iphoto that i am aware of
some photos on there are RAW but not the corrupt one
all software updates are up to date so i think it is 5.0.2 i cant check now unless you can explain
look forward to hearing from you
Jul 4 2005, 10:48pm

Whether it was the RAW picture that caused the problem, I can not be sure, but I did assist some one else with iPhoto/RAW image problem.

If you really need to work with RAW images, I suggest you use Graphic Converter, then open the final image with iPhoto.

For now, I think you will need to reinstall iPhoto. First you need to delete all references to iPhoto.

Here are where the files are hiding:

Hard Drive>Applications
Hard Drive>Library>Caches
Hard Drive>Library>Receipts

Home>Library>Preferences (the com.apple.iPhoto.plist)

Now install iPhoto from the iLife package, then do the update from here:

When done, repair permissions -(from Disk Utility in the Applications>Utilities folder). You now should be able to open iPhoto without a problem. Your libraries (images) should still be there.

Let me know if you need further assistance and thank you for using MacOSX.com !

Jul 6 2005, 12:43pm
H Cheryl

Thankyou ever so much for persevering with me, i think you have eventually cracked it.i have had to do the last steps (reinstall iphoto)5 times because everytime i moved my pictures back in to the libary from the desktop where i had moved them it crashed again. i think it must have been in the thumbs or data files because i got the photos in there but i could not see them if thates sense!! so in the end i reimported them to allow iphoto to sort its self out.
Anyway all is well now and we have all our wedding and honeymoon photos safe (and now backed up!)the only thing i lost was a ibook i was working on but i have already made a start on that again.

so once again thank you for your help

best wishes
Jul 6 2005, 2:07pm

The trouble must have been in an original import that got corrupt. I am glad you have finally gotten your images and iPhoto working properly.

Thank you for using MacOSX.com !