iphoto slideshow with music through airtunes


I bought airtunes to get rid of all my cables. The only cable to my Imac G5 is the power cable (i also have bluetooth mouse and keyboard). :)

I'm trying to play an iphoto slideshow with music. This works fine, but i would like to hear the music on my stereo through airtunes. Just like itunes.

Iphoto doesn't let me do this (there is no airtunes / airport option)... :-( Does anybody have a solution for this problem?


yes, airfoil is good.
the reason apple wont allow other applications than iTunes to stream to your Express is that there is a 2-4 seconds delay (so video and sound will not be in sync). This wouldnt be a large problem with iPhoto since the sound does not need to be synced with the pictures. so go nuts.