Where are the Iphoto files that contain my 3000 +pictures?

I had edited about1000 photos using Iphoto..at one point I clicked from organise to edit....the program crashed....

it would not quit nor let my computer quit . I was connected to the internet and other program windows were open . I could shut some windows, the windows that were underneath the Iphoto I could not move.

I had to shut down the computer manually

When I reopened it...my Iphoto library was lost.....a window came up asking if I wanted to find it...clicked on it but it found some saved albums not the whole iphoto library of 3000 or more pics.

In applications the iphoto along with other programs, was disabled (not highlighted)

I created a new one but I could not retrieve the 3000 odd photos thast I had in Iphoto.

I did correct the permissions using my utility application, that did not help.

Can you please tell me where those files are? The photos must exist somewhere on my computer in Jpg or other files.

My graphic converter by the way does not open most files that ask for an application to open them.

Welcome to the forums! :)

In the future if this happens and any programs freeze, press the following keys to bring up the "Force Quit" window.


Then select the application that is froze and click "Force Quit" and then click "Force Quit" again on the message that pops up -- you will lose any unsaved changes in the application.


Your pictures should be located in:

yourusername > Pictures > iPhoto Library


Hope that helps!