Having been importing photos from my digital camera succesfully for some time, but now have a glitch. Photo's will not import from camera to iPhoto. Here are the spec's: Using a flat panel iMac with Jaguar 10.2.8, the orginial that came with the computer. IPhoto installed is version 2.0.1. Camera is Kodak EasyShare DX6340 with a good battery and good USB cable. (tested both). Mac recognizes the cameral and model. When I import photo's, camera contents are imported a lot faster than I've seen before, but photo's do not show up in iPhoto. I click Last Import and it shows nothing. There are currently 380 photos in the program. I ran Repair Permissions, but no change. So my questions are, is the camera at fault? It reviews the photos OK. Are the photo's going somewhere else? If that's the case, how do I find them? Yes, I'm a novice, that's why I bought the iMac. Any advice is appreciated, and I can try to come up with more info if I'm told what steps to take.