IpNetRouter in OS X


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I'm using IpNetRouter on a beige box with dual ethernet to root my dsl connection to the other computers in my house. Unfortunatly Sustworks has not ported their software to X yet, and it crashes just too much in 9.1

What can I do to replace this valuable software in OS X. I've heard that all the protocols are built in to OS X and that a program called GNAT could help me configure the network.

Can anyone brief me on this? Does it actually work? Is GNAT a good replacement for IpNetRouter? I don't feel like formating this box just to realise that it can't be done in X.

Thanx :)
Simple get Brick House. It has built in Internet sharing and is also the top Firewall for X (GUI Interface).
Thanks, Brick house rocks. And it uses ipfw too!

Zerologic: I'm learning UNIX right now but I'm no pro. Do you have any usefull links that explain those two tools?
actually the man pages for both of them are decent, although a bit tedious. Pop open a couple of terminal windows, launch natd in verbose mode, start playing around with ipfw, if you don't trust it you can open tcpdump, try pinging something. It's good geek fun. The chicks dig it!

As for IPNetRouter being crashy - I use it in an industrial setting, expecting it to keep up with a couple of megs per second over 3 IP ranges, NAT, port forwarding, DHCP, on 9.1 on a 601 at 100MHz - and it stays up for months at a time. I keep that box on 9 because I haven't yet found anything as good or configurable under X. Unless I go waging war on the command line, but that hardly replaces the info that IPNetRouter gives me on demand.