iPod and iTunes commercial


Alright, everybody, take a look at this frame I took from the iPod commercial on Apple's web site (btw, that's Jeff Goldblum, right? or am I going nuts?)...

What's up with "Top 5 Break-Up Songs"? What's the poor guy's current status? lol

And check it out... the iPod just looks like another playlist in the left column...

Hehe. The iPod is definitely a Freakin' Cool MP3 player... just a bit on the expen$ive side.


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Going nuts may be a bit extreme Unless Jeff knocked a few years off, learned to dance and is willing to do a non-speaking commercial, I do not beleive that is the "What are they in, Thinking Jail?" guy.
I just remembered something I've been meaning to post. I saw this car commercial that Jeff Goldblum was narrating, and I was just sitting there going "oh cool Jeff Goldblum". But then at the end of the commercial he said something like "You're gonna want one". But it was so close to him saying "You're so gonna want one" for Apple. Did anybody else see this?