iPod Camera link problem


Just got a 'Belkin USB Digital Camera Link' http://www.amazon.co.uk/exec/obidos...8-1/ref=sr_8_xs_ap_i1_xgl/202-0674827-4882240
It works well, im pretty impressed, just disapointed i couldnt use the mac one as its a lot smaller and neater, but anyway got a minor problem.
I took a few photos, transfered them across to the ipod, connected the ipod to the mac and transfered them using iPhoto. But iPhoto set the import date on the 'roll' to 01/01/2001. The dates on all the photos are correct, ive also checked the date settings on the my Digital Camera (Nikon D70), my iPod (4th gen, 40GB B&W screen), and the mac (eMac 1GHZ) all the dates are correct, 24/06/2005.
Any ideas please, as this puts my new photos at the start of my library instead of the bottom, screwing up the organisation of my photos.


Finished updating and following instructions, it didnt work, its still importing the photos into a roll with the wrong date. One thing i came across when i was following the guide was that there is no 'Photos' folder on my ipod (probably since its not an iPod Photo), but the images seemed to be stored in a folder called 'DCIM', so i deleted that one... but to no avail .....
Anybody with any ideas????


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I was thinking about doing something like this, since I just (past week) bought an iPod Photo and a Nikon D50. I'll have to grab one and see how it works.

What 'mac one' are you talking about?