iPod earphones with remote


My old iPod earphones has become destroyed so I need some new ones. So I were wondreing if the new ones with remote is any better, or if they are just the same, but with a remote...?

I have heard something about them haveing better bass? Is that true?

Also do you have any other good earbuds to reccomend?


According to a friend who is not an audiophile, but he mentioned that his new 20GB iPod's earphones with remote sounds better than the first generation 5GB iPod "earbuds". Hope this helps. I only have the 5GB model from the first issue, so I cannot help you. But personally, I have bought HEADPHONES with HIGH SENSITIVITY -87db and higher to get that extra clarity and BASS!

Cause I am totally addicted to tight kicking basses!


If you are looking for good headphones at a cheap price let me put in a plug for the Panasonic RP-HT57 folding headphones. They sound excellent, feature the same type of rare-earth magnets that the iPod earbuds use and cost only $15! Too big perhaps for everyone but I like them because they cut out ambiant noise much better than the earbuds do and don't hurt my ears.