iPod integration pic


Integrated my iPod in my audi TT, worked out very well and the line in sounds fabulous. check it out...



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mind if i post this on vwvortex? i think they'd appreciate the idea.

mr. k

what kinda stereo is that? nice display! is it easy to change what the iPod is playing?


Yes, the ipod is right by the shifter so it is extremely easy to change songs/etc...Volume does not work with line out which is amazing because then you get no distortion. Volume controlled all by the sony headunit...the headunit is awesome, there is no internal amp it is just powered by the 4 channel I have in back, which makes it for one clean sounding system. BOI -- go for it! I'd love to see it on vwvortex. The fuel, trunk, and auto-sensor button cluster had to be relocated to make this ipod mount happen. I also have the belkin auto-charger in there charging the ipod whenever it is plugged in (not through the cigarette lighter), yet through power/gnd (after taking the belkin auto charger apart). I totally recommend this headunit to anyone looking for an aux-in dream :) memory stick capability built-in too! I'll post more pics.


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Hey, if anyone wants to send me an iPod remote control, I'd love to try taking it apart and figure out how it works :cool:
iPod remote control integrated in the dashboard would've been something, eh? ;)