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Well after 1 year of listening to my tunes through my little 20gb 3G Friend has finnally gone caput on me.

Basically when i upgraded to Tiger i backed up all my stuff on it around 16gb, as any user would do. Then i copied it back over to the harddrive, and i can't remmeber whether i did delete it all but yeah it said i had 1gb left even though my music (which was the only thing on there) is only around 5gb. I looked in the .Trashes file - Nothing there. No hidden files on the iPod.

However i restored the iPod to version 2.3. Now in iTunes when i go to copy a song over (Using Firewire400 and iTunes 5) basically a couple of songs will go over and then the iPod itself will freeze at the do not disconnect screen. This then locks up Finder and iTunes, cause finder is having a spack cause this iPod has frozen and iTunes well its transfering songs to an iPod that is frozen. So now you know my ishca.

So what is my plan of attack - I have a 3 year (non-apple) warranty with the place i bought it from of which the people there will not know what they are talking about blah blah blah, and will send it off to apple for 6 weeks or for how long i don't know. So my only plan is to get it working. So i am thinking Disk utility - Repair Permissions on the iPod? And if that doesn't work off to Myer i go.

Ah this is all sooo frustrating, thanks hopefully this may have struck a chord with someone.


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Create a new administration user on your Mac (which also has an empty music library, of course) and restore the iPod from there. Add a song or two to the library and let it synch again. If it works, do the same again on your main account... Repairing permissions on the _iPod_ shouldn't really help (I guess they're ignored on the iPod, anyway...) - but you might try repairing permissions on your main drive.


Thanks Fryke - I ended up leaving the iPod overnight and i am transfering the songs over now its up to around 780 out of the 1000 or so. Hopefully it still continues to work.