iPod & iTunes 2


iPod does nothing for me personally, but I am sure many folks will love it. I believe it should sell well.

I am more interested in iTunes.

MacMinute reported the following. Does that last line mean we can burn directly from iTunes, and that the new version will have an EQ. If so SWEET!!!!!!!!!!!

Can we download iTunes 2.0 today?

By the www.macminute.com is the source for this info.


Apple media event begins, Apple introduces iPod
October 23 - 13:10 ET: Apple's invite-only media event, which will be used to usher in the company's new "breakthrough digital device," has just begun. The Apple Store has been taken offline temporarily. "We are busy updating the store for you and will be back within the hour." MacMinute is in attendance at the media event and will bring the news as we learn of it.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs is currently recapping Apple's digital hub products, including iTunes, iMovie 2, iDVD, and Mac OS X's Image Capture application. [13:10-13:20]

Jobs is dicussing the market's current portable digital audio solutions. [13:20-13:25]

Apple introduces iPod, a digital audio player (MP3, MP2, more) with a 5GB hard drive (1000 songs). 20 minute skip protection. FireWire-equipped, first such music player. 10 hour battery, lithium-polymar ("most advanced battery; more advanced than laptop batteries"), takes 1 hour to charge. Size of a deck of cards: 2.4" wide, 4" tall, 3/4" thick.[13:25-13:33]

Backlit LCD display, playlist support, ID3 tag support, very fast and easy to go through list of songs and playlist with a scroll wheel. Interfaces with iTunes. [13:33-13:38]

Six million copies of iTunes distributed. iTunes 2 announced. MP3 CD burning (doesn't convert to AIFF audio CD format), cross fading, equalizer are the three main new features. Free download, available in early November. [13:38-13:42]
Yes, iTunes 2 looks really cool! Why can't they just make it available for download NOW? ;)