iPod Mini - No Menu Display


My problem is a simple one...I've been using my old iPod Mini as a shuffle for about 16 months now since the screen display slowly faded and then went totally blank. I did't bother with getting it repaired because the warranty had expired and I bought an iPod Classic a few months ago which is my primary mp3/4 player. I was lucky that before the screen display went totally blank on the Mini I had unselected all the menu items leaving only the shuffle option and not having the menu display didn't bother me because knew that I only had to move the click wheel one "click" to get my tracks playing in shuffle mode...HOWEVER...recently I wanted to change all the tracks on my iPod and between taking off old tracks and putting on new tracks I Restored it (How stoopid was that!). So now all the original menu items are back and I have no idea how many "clicks" I need to make to Navigate my way through the various menu selections to play music. I want just the shuffle option again like I had before...can you help me with this please?