Ipod Mini's Sound


I've had my mini iPod since 4/04 & it's in good shape. I've never had a problem with it or dropped it. It gets a lot of use. A week ago I began hearing what sounded like static & the music would play intermittently.Then the music completely stopped while the dial & everything else looked normal. It looks as if it's functioning just fine but the sound is off. I took it into the mac store & the mac genius told me the dial was jammed & he pulled it out. He told me it needed nothing beyond that because it seemed to be working again. before he came up with that another guy restored it twice but it didn't help or make a difference. The next day the static sound came back & the music played intermittently. I have no clue what the problem is. HELP!
Some of the first gen ipod mini had problems with the audio jack connector. The connection to the "logic board" of the ipod mini loosened, resulting in static or in most cases no audio output.

I would suggest you return your ipod mini and get a replacement unit if it is still covered by warranty.