ipod or crackpod?


Just wondering if anyone here is aware of a way to adjust the settings on an ipod without using the display (via 3rd party software or whatever). Specifically I would like to set an alarm and wake up to my ipod music which can't be done using Itunes. And yes... my display is cracked! I have a 4th generation crackpod that's being used as a large (40Gb) ipod shuffle and removeable hard drive. Any suggestions?
you can set ical to wake you up with itunes and I have a script in the itunes folder which i have set to apple+F13 which just tells itunes to close after 1 hour.

i can't figure out how to open it though, without launching it...
Thnx for the reply. I was hoping to wake up with the ipod 'stand alone' ie: without any computer. I think this may be impossible. Anybody disagree?