iPod Shuffle to be discontinued/repaced in january?


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Or maybe a smal LCD display for it? The fact that the nano has this display distinguishes it from the Shuffle. And a 512MB nano would still be more expensive than a 512 MB shuffle since the screen might take up most of that cost.


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I think they should give it a small screen and redesign it, keep it at the same price and call it the ipod pico (one trillionth)


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The fact that the Shuffle has no screen, no wheel and is not as glossy makes it attractive to a lot of people. I think that a redesign which preserves those features would be welcome.


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well, they better not change it before i get one. i think they are neat becasue of all the ipods, they do the best as a portible drive, no cables needed. load it with music at home, then files at work/school that you need to take home. they are not ment to be a screened ipod subsitute, but used in addition to a bigger ipod.


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They could lower pricing. :) I don't see the need for new features with the shuffle, neither do I see the need for more space on those devices (since the nano's there for that). So why redesign it? Just lower the prices.

Although I must say: A 512 MB or 1 GB nano: I would like. :)


I also think their prices just need to be lowered. I was thinking of giving one away for christmas but its just to much for so little.