Ipod Shuffle....


I bought an ipod shuffle about a week ago...needless to say it still isn't functioning properly!! I have an ibook...G3..extra ram (640mb)..it is running on OS 10.2.8 I have updated itunes to 4.8 (the latest version). When I put the shuffle into my usb port it shows up on my desktop but I get an error message that says "Software not installed correctly to communicate with ipod, please re-install itunes and then re-install the shuffle software" --I have done this several times. I spoke with a service agent with apple online and we were disconnected (you are only allowed one free service chat)!! So...I'm left to figure this one out. Someone recommended that I get a port extender because I might not have a good connection...but if I didn't have a good connection, why would it charge and show up on my desktop? Basically, I don't have any other options. Please help me!!