iPod to PC iTunes transfer

Captain Sulu

Hi, my primary computer is an iBook which I've got set up to automatically update the stored songs on my iPod mini. I've also got a PC with the most recent version of iTunes for XP installed on it. When I buy a new CD, I rip the files to my iBook via iTunes first and then update my iPod from there. I'd then like to be able to update my iTunes library on the PC from my iPod, but, with automatic library updates switched on with the PC, it only seems to give me the option of updating the iPod FROM the PC and not the iPod TO the PC. Is there any way I can set up iTunes on the PC to do this???

Cheers in advance for any suggestions!
There is a script out there call import ipod Audio files i think you will be able to use as it is a script inside itunes.

The installation instructions are in the package
You download.

Import ipod audio files

Or you can on the pc when you connect your ipod go My computer> ipod > tools > Show hidden files and folders And drag and Drop in to (your music Folder linked to itunes)

::ha:: Sorry if this is slightly wrong it is an operating of the top of my head ::ha::