Ipod touch 8 Gig missing Mail program


Does anyone know how I can get the Mail Program to send e-mail through my Ipod touch 8 Gig. The Main menu does not have the Mail icon. I checked another ipod touch and it has the Mail icon. Am I missing something or were can I download it to my Ipod touch.


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The newer iPod touch does have mail - if your model is not one of the newer ones, it may have a previous software version which does not have mail.


The iPod touch 8gig is one of the first generation iPod touchs. Email was not delivered at that time. This is probably your issue.

You can confirm you have the original iPod Touch software bundle by checking the calendar application. If you CANNOT enter entries in calendar you have an old software bundle in your iPod Touch,.

You can purchase the full iPod Touch software, including mail, etc, from the iTunes store. Think it costs less than $20.


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The Software Update should automatically be offered in iTunes. It gives you Mail, Google Maps, Notes and other utilities previously only found on the iPhone. It's worth its price, although I'd wait for the 2.0 upgrade in June. You don't wanna pay twice, and we simply don't know yet what the 2.0 upgrade will mean for iPod touch owners exactly.


Well, True, but as the iPod Touch is close to identical in architecture to the iPhone (except for the phone and camera), there is little speculation that v2.0 will not work on iPod Touch - at least, I hope....