iPod updater -- requires plugging in to outlet?!


Hi All,

I'm confused. I just updated my iPod to work with iTunes new PodCasts features.

After it was complete, a dialog box appeared (and quickly disappeared) saying something about how I should now use the power brick to charge and reset the flash memory or some such thing.

The iPod shows an image of the power plug being plugged into a wall outlet.

But my brick isn't with me, as I usually charge the iPod by connecting to my PowerBook.

What gives? Why do I need to do this? Do I need to do this? Can I simply reset my iPod?

Thanks for any ideas!
The reason that you are advised to plug the iPod into a power point is that if the batteries DO give out while the updater is running, then the firmware on the iPod will become corrupted - and it may not start-up or allow the firmware to be reloaded without hassles. Hence, to avoid this happening, you are advised by the installer to plug in.