IPOD - With Bluetooth


I begin to wonder if the next generation of IPODs will feature wireless bluetooth headphone support, but also the ability to sync the IPOD wirelessly to iTunes using bluetooth.

I would like both features as it would be cool for my iPod to sync automatically when in proximity to my desktop.

Some of the iBooks come with built in bluetooth. So I expect Apple has bigger plans for bluetooth.
Ergh. Few problems with that: 1) BlueTooth is much much MUCH slower than FireWire. The first copy of all your music would take forever. (and I doubt Apple would recommend a first copying through firewire, but subsequent copying through BlueTooth, simply because that's confusing), and 2) BlueTooth headsets.... call me crazy... but I've only seen mono ones for one ear. Granted, i suppose this would be cool if your car stereo had bluetooth, but I think that's a stretch for now, and 3) Battery usage. Why unnecessarily shorten the life of your iPod battery just to eliminate wires?
bluetooth 2.0. in the eventual future, i see nothing having wires, except for power. nothing else in the home has as many wires as a computer. i like a wireless desktop. i hate a detritus of cables.

and you can actually buy wireless 5.1 speaker systems, to eliminate wiring for them, but i'm unsure of a) a link and b) if they are bluetooth....
Well I just clicked the google ad at the bottom of the page that advertises Bluetooth Headphones, the results that came up showed stereo headphones and car adapter kits. I haven't actually checked the advertised sites but from the ad descriptions it looks like it has potential.
Bluetooth ipods aren't far-fetched, but not for song-transfer... more like acting as a remote for Air-Tunes... especially the shuffle.

A bluetooth remote control for AirTunes is waaaayyyy overdue.

BT could also be used for direct transfer of pictures to your phone and such... but large data transfers are kind've impractacle right now.
A bluetooth remote for airtunes would be way to complicated for the purpose. To go through the effort of "linking" them up just for a remote is ugly. However, I do agree that a remote of some kind is a must.

It just doesn't make sense not to have one.