Oscar Castillo

Am I the only one who is not at all impressed? This is not what I want to see Apple R&D money go to. Apple is a computer company, which happens to sell the best computers to help people create rich multimedia content.
They should stick to computers. Some sort of PDA or PocketPC device would have been better suited to Apple's marketing strategy, not this garbage.
I totally agree with you.... this has been done before, this has little to do with apple and quite frankly, the iPod design kinda reminds me of Bose products from the 80's....

no good
Took another look at Apple's site to see if I missed some hidden features that would justify the price. $399!! Are they serious? What's next? An Apple branded karaoke machine? Or will it be the dreaded settop box that nobody has quite gotten right yet.
I think the Cube may have some company, real soon.
The fact that it can handle multiple audo formats AND double as a external firewire hard drive makes me want one. Before now, I wasn't even mildly interested in an MP3 player.
5Gb is not enough, given it's secondary role as a FireWire HD. 10-20Gb would be more useful.

Anyone know what size (physically) HD is inside? What mp3 chipset are they using?

It IS cool, but far too expensive...
An Apple PDA with "Pocket OSX" would be MUCH cooler :)
i think the hype is just downplaying iPod. After watching the presentation, i think it's pretty cool. I agree it's expensive but my friends have that sony flash mp3 player and i thought it was cool. It holds 64 MB and openMg is to strict. It has to be installed on factory installed os MS yuck), can't copy the song to the player as much as you want. The iPod holds 5 MB, iTunes is a million times better and for a 100 bucks more, you could get iPod instead of the sony. Don't even compare the rio player, it won't work after a month.

Just wait, apple will use this technology for a PDA. 5 GB, 10 hours of continuous use .... i think if apple came out with a PDA, this iPod would live in the shadows. But some people need this, joggers, mountain bikers, people who use public transportation to work (i live in nor-cal, you have to take bart or something), and i see people at borders and barnes all the time bring out a cd player. If you think about your daily life, you might find some use for this but if not .... don't buy one.

If you're a student, it's only 369 ..... And xmas is around the corner hummmm
The iPod is actually not bad. It is priced the same as a portable FW HD of the same capacity. Look at it that way and the MP3 player is free!

After looking at the video I was more impressed with it. It commands a premium price because of the small size and the convenience factor.

Finally, just because YOU don't like it personally doesn't mean that Apple won't find sufficient other customers to make a success of this. It's a difficult job to look beyond one's own self and figure out what features, engineering and pricing will combine to produce a successful product. We'll have to wait and see.

I was less enthusiastic when it first appeared, now I think it will do OK.
the iPod is a premium product with a premium price. it isn't intended for those of you who buy their electronics at Kmart. Apple is Apple because because of the quality of their products. this is the same reason you buy a $1600 Mac when you can get a comparable PC for $1200. All of you griping about the price are just pissed you can't afford one. go out and get a real job!

... then again, I can get that Sony Clie with a color screen, plays MP3s, let's me play games, & download Vindigo for the same price ........
Originally posted by hir
t Apple is Apple because because of the quality of their products. this is the same reason you buy a $1600 Mac when you can get a comparable PC for $1200.

What? You can NOT get a $1200 PC that is COMPARABLE to a $1600 Mac. Macs are unique! :D