Irish & British Users


is anyone able to get to the order form for the mac os x update.
i get the error "The requested gateway application timed out before returning results.
Sorry." every time i try to go to the orderform page. if anyone has a copy of the form can they please send it to me (cool address dont you think ?)

thanks very much
I had the same problem as you. The solution? Phone them! 7 - 10 days wait but I got the update from my local Apple centre (6 miles away). No dev tools though so I'm glad I ordered as well. It totally rocks btw!

Simply contact Apple UK via telephone and they will be able to take your order without a need of proof that you have MAC OS X.

I ordered MAC OS 10.1 upgrade last week through Apple UK. They only asked me that have I got MAC OS X and I said yes. That's it.

By the way, I got OS X 10.1 today and it rocks! :) I love it!