Is anyone else having a problem with flash?


I am running IE 5.1 on 10.0.4, and I can't view flash at all. I have downloaded the plug-in several times, and I have installed it in to two locations...

MacOSX/Library/Internet Plug-Ins
MacOSX/Users/iKen/Library/Internet Plug-Ins

when ever I go to a site with flash I get the "you don't have the approprate plug in blah blah blah" or whatever that message is...

any suggestions? I am stumped...



Can't remember if IE has a plug-ins folder (I ditched it for a better browser). Possibly put it in there?



Flash ticks me off! I have had the exact same problem with OSX and Flash. I downloaded it several times as well. I even sent a detailed message to Macromedia and they forwarded me to another person who has yet to respond. I will let you know if I hear anything.


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Other than the fact that the Flash plugin for Mac (9 or X) completely stinks?

(Rhetorical question, I apologize.)


well, I am glad that at least I am not the only one, cause it seems to me it did work at one point, before I got a new HD, and had to reinstall... or maybe I was drunk...

In any case, I will try to bug Macromedia and hopefully they will see that they need to make a plugin that works...


Yep, I'm having the same problem. I put it in whatever plugin folders I could find but it just keeps telling me I don't have it and to download it again. I wrote to MM, too, but haven't heard anything. I'll keep you posted if I hear from them. I won't mention the lack of a Shockwave plugin ... oops, I just did!


i saw, that this version of the shockwave /ie. flash.plugin only plays .swf files, which are directly involved, but in the form :"extension" it does not recocnise them.... (have my own flash.side, some works, some not, exactly because they are in different ways bound in the page)...

hope they will bring soon a new one! :)

by the way, in IE you can activate (in the preferences) the ActiveX and add some more file-helpers!.... sometimes it works! :)


yes yes yes neither shockwave nor flash plug-ins work with either IE or opera or omniweb and there is no way i am going to bother with netscape as it is clumsy and slow.
will be sol ved


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The problem is that you need to open IE's preferences dialog.

Change to the "File Helpers" panel.

Scroll down till you find the .SWF extension item.

Doubleclick and change the "How to handle" to "View with browser".

I know, it's a very stupid thing. I mean, it makes no sense but it works. Bad news is this IE Beta currently in OS X.0.4 "Forgets" the settings for this and you have to do it everytime you launch the app.


Hi not sure if this will help as my problem not fully fixed. i had the same issue of not being able to see flash and downloading the plug in not seeming to work. I was click and draging the plugin into the destination folder. i then tried copying the plug in and pasting it into the destination folder. not sure what the diff is or why this worked and dragging didn't but after that i could see flash but not hear - still trying to solve latter part of the problem.



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