Is anyone willing to U/L 10.1?


Is there anyone out there that has a release copy of the 10.0.x -> 10.1 updater CD that is willing to make a disk copy image of the updater? There are several people including myself that are willing to host FTP sites, but it seems no one is willing to upload it at this point?

There are many users out there right now that we unable to get a copy from any retailer out there simply because Apple didn't plan the rollout very well by either notifying all the authorized dealers that it was out or supplying enough copies for any of the other dealers. If someone would just start one upload to me I can start getting it to five other servers almost right away. This means that we could get this to hundreds of other users very quickly before the end of the weekend.

IP Login/Pass => test/test
Say I have a standard install of either MacOS X or 9 with no extra apps. Can you tell me how to go about making a disk image of the 10.1 CD? If so, I'll make one and put it on FTP for download.

(Just gimme a bit of time to make the image and upload it via Airport *smirk*)
If you wanna upload to me,
ftp to

u/pw macosx
put it in incoming. It's an unreadable directory but writing is possible.
Originally posted by metfoo
can someone upload to: port 21

user: mac
pass: os


I'm working on it... then like a dope, I forgot to compress the file before I started sending it. I'm gzipping the image as I type this. If it's significantly smaller (which I'm sure it will be) I'll stop the other upload and start the compressed version.
should be complete in 2-3 hours. Thats the downside of cablemodems & ADSL. The downloadspeed screams for the money, but the upload spead tops off at 128-256kbit :)

Out of curiosity, did this upload get completed? I'm looking at the ftped files, and the gziped one is under 200Mbs

can anyone who is uploading there files post their filename and theirfilesize. i just want to give the credit to who uploaded and thank them for their time.

its already monday and i dont have an image yet. does anyone have it so i can burn it with nero? thanks