Is forum dying?


softer than ever!
Any stats on useage?

Seems to be slowing down considerably to me.

We need an other bootleg 10.0.x update to revitalize!:D
I don't think it is dying at all, we started one discussion last week in the all stuff non-technical and got it to 4 pages in a matter of days. I think most of the concerns are being addressed so it is becoming more of a reference system, but when I log in during the day I see 12-15 members on at a time. I think one thing to rejuvinate the actual postings is to set up a OS X SERVER FORUM:D (see other threads in site discussion). As for me has been a truly great experiance, the people are great, the info is amazing and the site is inuitive! Keep up the good fight guys;)
It probably seemed like it was dying because I've been out of town for a week and haven't been able to grace everyone with my presence.

Aren't you glad I'm back? :D

It's only normal that as the number of members goes up, the percentage of people who post goes down.