is it possible to program C on mac?


and if so can you tell me what programs i need to use. i have the developer package from apple and i program in java. but i'm new to C and i have to use it for my class. so any help would be great!

i use xcode and jedit for java. i dont use any functionality of xcode though. just as a code editor. so my computer is set up to compile C throught the cmd line?
From the "New Project" window in Xcode, scroll down to "Command Line Utility" and choose "Standard Tool".
If you're using Linux on your classes at school, it should be exactly the same. Once you have Xcode installed, you have all the command line tools installed (gcc). So you can just use TextEdit or any text editor and compile your C programs directly in the command line (/Applications/Utilities/Terminal). This is much easier to use then Xcode (I think) for learning C.