Is my f*cked up again ?!


Simply Daemonic
I wanted to start localizing apps, and I was going to start with "eyes" (see post in this thread).
I retrieved my OS X dev tools from a friend that I had let borrow, and I went into OS X to
install them.

I doubleclick on the .pkg file on the CD, the installer launches, then nothing. The package is not grayed out (meaning that it is not open).

I try to open the package from the installer's file menu, it tries to open it but it does not!. I tried to take a look at the size of the package but it was calculating the size forever!

I can't explain this! Any ideas ???

When I had the PB, I also had probs with the tools! Although I was able to open the package back then no disks would show up so I could not install it. I should let you troubleshooters know that I reformated my OS X PB partition and I clean installed OS X final.