is NIS on OS X possible?


Does anyone know or has anyone tried to use NIS on OS X. I would like to be able to log into any one of many Macs running OS X and have the user authentication be served from the local network NIS server. Ideally, I would like the server to be one of the Macs running OS X.

I haven't tried it but I know I saw some long doc. on the Net entitled something like "Integrating NIS w/ Mac OSX". I may
even have it printed in my office. I'll check today.
What's the reason for using NIS over Netinfo? I just read the Netinfo document that Apple posted on their website...I'm not really sure why one would need more...
Just looking for comparisons between the two.
In many facilities, NIS is the only really cross-platform authentication means out there. Netinfo is *extremely* proprietary.

I have wrestled with NIS on MacOSX for a while. It works, but only under ideal conditions. NIS on the mac has a mountain of bugs and incompatibilies. There is a website that has detailed information on how to do an NIS setup on a client machine. I don't have it right here. But in this messageboard, someone had posted the very URL to this site. Look for it from about 2-3 months ago.

This site goes into the bugs / problems with NIS on the mac. It also has suggestions for troubleshooting the setup.