is the g5 + tiger REALLY 64bit?


Practically all existing 64 bit OSs are true 64 bit OSs. The exception being Tiger.

There is a reason why people don't want to port their applications to use 64 bit Tiger. It's too much effort for far too little gain. Why should companies spend $$$ rewriting their applications to run on Tiger, when on other OSs, all they need to do is a simple recompile?

Separating GUI code from the underlying application logic is one thing. Having to redesign your application to communicate between processes is another. Try taking a single threaded application, and making it multi threaded. Not an easy task. Try breaking it down to different processes. Even if the IPC costs are negligible (via shared memory/pipes/etc), you've still got to recode certain portions of your application.

That's something that many companies will struggle to justify. Why spend money for an interim solution? Why not wait until Mac OS X is truly 64 bit? I agree with Lycander. In non-Apple land, applications aren't written to Steve's specification. Just because Apple says so, doesn't mean everyone does it.