Is there an unique id for each Screen Sharing Session?

Vinay L

Hi All,

I am using Screen Sharing Feature on Mac OS 10.7(Lion). I have an application which needs to do following tasks:

1. Detect the Screen Sharing Session.
2. Detect the particular Screen(Screen Sharing Session from which application execution was initiated) when a Desktop is shared by multiple Screen Sharing Sessions(From Multiple Mac Systems with same user account).

I can detect the Screen Sharing Session using environment variable SECURITYSESSIONID. If SECURITYSESSIONID is NULL then it is Screen Sharing Session. But Is there a way to identify(unique id) a particular Screen Sharing Session(Particular Screen) like VNCDESKTOP environmental variable in Real VNC whose value is unique for each session.

Please let me know if there is an unique identity for each Screen Shared Session. If yes, Please let me know the method.

Thanks & Regards,