Is there any way to edit text clippings?


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I use text clippings a LOT. For example, say I'm writing a reply here, and I don't have time to finish it. Select all, drag to the desktop, and that's all there is to it. Even when I'm writing in a text editor, it's a lot easier to create a clipping than it is to actually save a file.

The problem is, I can't edit clippings! I have to drag them into a text editor to edit them, and then of course, I have to trash the old clipping. Pain in the rear.

In OS 8, I remember using a third-party extension that allowed me to edit text clippings right in the Finder. Does anyone know of something similar in OS X?

It's a real shame TextEdit can't just open text clippings. You can drag them onto its icon, but it reads them as text files, so all you get is an empty window. :( C'mon Apple, you can do better than that....


Crotchety UI Nitpicker
Thanks, but I already searched VT and MU. Only one of those can edit clippings, and it's old, unsupported, and lacking all Cocoa-ish features. :(

I was hoping more for a regular text editor with the ability to natively open/save text clippings. It's hard to believe no text editors have this feature...


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I believe it is the way that OSX saves them. I cut and paste into a text editor. Still does not answer your question, but just a work around. Use like BBEdit or text wrangler for a free alternative.