is this connection possible?


My mom has a PC running Windows ME. She is hooked up to DSL (at least I think that's what it is). In any case, when she uses the Internet, she does not tie up the phone.
I have an eMac running 10.3.2. I currently have dial-up, but I would like to drop it and connect into my mother's DSL, so I would not tie up the phone line either. (I often spend 4 hours at a stretch on my Mac).
The two machines are about 3 rooms apart.
Is this idea feasible? If so, what would I need, and how would I do it.
If you answer, please please do not use geek-speak. Even though I have had Macs over 15 years, this is an area where I am lost. :(
100ft patch cable sound good? If not, there are connectors where you can connect your ethernet to your wall outlet via a plug and and do it like that. It just transfers the data through the wiring in your house. Google it. Other than that, you could get wireless (very unreliable) with some antena's though the 100ft patch cable should work.

EDIT: A router and 6ft cat5 for the PC and a 100ft cat5 for your computer. Yeah, I need someone else to explain this, it gets way complicated if you're not sure what you're doing.
You can do it a couple of different ways.

The easiest is really easy - but it may cost a couple of bucks.

First you need to look at the DSL modem. Does it connect directly to the PC via usb or does it use an ethernet cable? Does it have extra RJ45 connections that are not used? If it does, you're in luck - all you need is a Cat5 ethernet cable to connect to your eMac. In network preferences, set the location to automatic (which is default). You should be on-line automagically.

If it doesn't have a free port, buy a simple switch (Dlink - Linksys - they cost around $30 tops) to connect to the DSL modem. Then run the CAT 5 cable from the switch to your computer. Done

There are other ways that may not require you to buy a switch/router, but this solution will let either computer log on regardless of whether the other computer is logged on or not.
personally, I would buy an adsl modem router with 80211.g (wireless connection), which is a standalone box which will be left on and connected to the internet 24/7. Then I would probably connect your mums pc by ethernet cable to the modem router and then get a 80211.g card (wireless connection) card for your machine and connect wirelessly to the modem router. You would not need to use your mums adsl modem, but it is always useful to have a backup so keep it in storage.
This can be tricky to set up, particularly with windows, but most here have done it so its easy to search for help if needed.