Is this Final Cut Studio eBay listing legit?



My bro's looking at purchasing either Final Cut Studio or Final Cut Pro 5. The eBay listing for Final Cut Studio is $450 less than Apple's list price, so obviously it's attractive. BUT, I know that eBay software is not always legitimate, especially when it's at severely discounted prices. So... whaddya think?

Also, this will be running on a 1 GHz 17" iMac. Besides a RAM upgrade (currently at 128 MB I think), what other suggestions might you have for me?
Email the seller to be sure. The price isn't that cheap, given that it is $800+. If it was a pirated copy, they normally sell for much much less. To be safe, just email the seller and ask them to clarify.
Woops, too late. Somebody already bought it through Buy It Now. Thanks for the response though. I guess it's never a bad idea to actually ask the seller... :)