is this network setup good?


We just got an xserve for the studio. The thing is we actually have two offices, which are located down the hall from each other. So i was thinking of this scenario as the setup:


The xserve sits here, and connects to the outside internet and our local network. All the computers in Studio A are connected to a hub, then that hub is connected to the xserve.

All the computers in Studio B are connected to a hub...then that hub us connected to the hub in Studio A(the one that connects to the xserve).

This seems logical to me, but I'd like to know of any flaws, or better ways to go about it, or if there's something i'm not considering.


If you meant (ethernet) 'switch' when you said 'hub' then yes - the configuration you mentioned would work.

If you really did mean 'hub', then plug an ethernet switch into the Xserve and then plug each department's hubs into the switch. This approach also applies if you have ethenet switches in each department - and you want symmetry (equal Xserve access by each department). Refer to figure 'D' and its related text here.

See this Google link about ethernet 'hubs' versus 'switches'.
I have the same type of set up with my xserve (10.3.9) connected to a dsl modem and a switch to connect all our macs and 1 pc. I dont know how to share files between the macs or the pc or the server. Any advice? Also do you know how I can connect to my server from an outside computer mac? Thanks so much.