is this real java???


In the course of installing JBOSS on my OS X (not server) I discovered something weird. Part of the in JBOSS is that it looks for "Hotspot" on java -version output. If it finds HotSpot, it will assume java can take the -server option.

Surprise! java -server yields an error on MAC OS X indicating that this -server is not recognized. Running java with -server option on my Mandrake linux is ok.

So my question is this:
1. Does this jdk1.3.1 on Mac OS 10.1 really is 1.3.1? If so, why doesn't it support -server?
2. If it doesn't support it why say it supports HotSpot? (Granted, I have no clue what HotSpot is, but JBoss seems to assume that if you say you do HotSpot you do -server. Who's wrong? Mac? JBoss? Or my reasoning is flawed?)

Hotspot is the runtime bytecode optimizing compiler that is part of the standard jdk 1.3 VM from Sun. It's supposed to be able to optimize performance bottlenecks in runtime. The -server option is, if I remember correctly supposed to relate to the way the VM runs as opposed to the way it runs in the client mode. Memory usage, optimization etc (I can't remember exactly what) is supposed to be different.

So in answer to your questions:
Yes hotspot is supported, although java still sucks on Mac performance wise, and it is standard jdk1.3.1 under the J2SE (Standard edition) platform, but not J2EE (Enterprise Edition), which is where the -server option is required (as far as I know)

Ther was someone over on the MacNN forums in the developer section who managed to install Jboss, perhaps you can do a search and ask him how.